The Lake Constance-Upper Swabia region as a breeding ground for new ideas

Mr. Marke and his inventiveness

Already as a young man, I wanted to live close to the mountains and on Lake Constance. However, the course of life always thwarted these wishes. In 1999, I finally decided to spend the rest of my life here. I built myself a beautiful home and found my private happiness (an upper Swabian!). It has been said about me that I am an optimist and always believe in the good things and never give up. My Rhineland joviality and the inspiration of the most beautiful landscape there is give a big impulse to my bustling activities. In a pizzeria (which now longer exists, unfortunately), a waiter extinguished the candles with a snap of a finger. That inspired me to develop a completely novel candle snuffer. "PusTino (!" or (

Also, the planter "Flower-Grip (" originated from my own experience. It always made me and my wife angry that there was no acceptable holder for perennials and plants in the garden. Everything on the market is too complicated and too expensive, and associated with permanently having to re-buy. Flower-Grip solves all these tasks with "one" long-lasting, inexpensive product.
When I built my homes, the previous underfloor heating systems did not convince me. Too expensive, too slow, too many temperature fluctuations, overheating and even not installable. After making many thoughts and contacting experts, for example, Xella, I developed a new underfloor heating and installed this in both houses. The heating is well suited for do-it-yourself installation, costs half the amount of conventional underfloor heating and consists of normal, inexpensive materials which can be found in any DIY market and can be installed little by little. It is absolutely energy efficient, as temperature fluctuations and overheating are excluded and the heat is directly emitted at the surface of the floor.
I am still looking for a professional sales partner for this underfloor heating system "Inovatherm".

From all the stress of inventing, I like to recover with my innovative one-man music project “Rockin Oldie” (, which is a lot of fun. I make appearances in the area at private parties and in pubs.

I am continually enthused about our wonderful landscape here on Lake Constance in both summer and winter. Swimming, cycling, tennis, mountain hiking, skiing, and snow-shoe hiking are my hobbies.
Our favourite places are the Island of Lindau in summer, swimming in Lake Constance with a great view of the mountains, Eichenberg and Pfänder - looking over the entire Lake - and Alpstein with Säntis. Not to be forgotten the wonderful events in the "Montfort Schlössle" in Streitelsfingen near Lindau.
In winter, Bödele for hiking and skiing and Sulzberg for the great panoramic view and the "Hochsträßstüble" to stop and take a refreshment. A regular highlight for us is to eat mussels during the winter months at "da Pietro" in the Rickenbacher Str. in Lindau.

The Lake Constance-Upper Swabia region as a breeding ground for new ideas
Wilhelm Marke


Name: Wilhelm Marke

Age: 70

Marital status: Married

Profession: Entrepreneur/ pensioner; product developer

Has lived on Lake Constance since 1999