The initiator behind the young entrepreneurial development programme “Start-up network Thurgau”

Daniel Hauri, president of the start-up network Thurgau

Is there a support programme for young entrepreneurs, without the “small print”, an initiative, which only has the interests of young entrepreneurs in focus? Yes, there is – the Start-up network Thurgau. The president of the club is Daniel Hauri.
The Start-up network Thurgau (SNT) started at the beginning of 2013. First of all, extensive clarification and discussions took place to find out which offers are already established for young entrepreneurs and how the Start-up network Thurgau could supplement and/or demarcate these. The unique selling point was finally found. Building upon the former network of sponsorship with Thurgau entrepreneurs, the free sponsorship between experienced entrepreneurs and young entrepreneurs is the main focus of the performance spectrum.
At SNT, the club name is also the programme: “We are not a provider of consultation services – there are enough of those. We mediate and network, bring those who are searching and those advising together – which is exciting for both sides”, according to Daniel Hauri.
The renowned sponsorship of SNT shares a common conviction, which Hauri describes as follows: “Whoever wants to develop something must be surrounded by good people. Personal contacts are paramount. And you do not have to rediscover everything anew for yourself. Why not learn from the experience of others? There will still be enough of your own mistakes to swallow. Finding consultants and salespersons is easy – there are a multitude of them. On the other hand, it is rare to find people with experiences that are close to reality, who can advise and guide you without having their own interests in mind – this is exactly what SNT offers young entrepreneurs.”

The initiator behind the young entrepreneurial development programme “Start-up network Thurgau”
Daniel Hauri


Name: Daniel Hauri

Age: 62

Marital status: Married

Profession: Graduate in Business Economics

Has lived on Lake Constance since more than 40 years


  • The sponsorship of the SNT consists of the Chamber of Commerce and Trade (IHK) Thurgau, the office for Economics and Work (AWA) of the canton Thurgau, the Thurgau trade association (TGV) and the Thurgauer Kantonalbank (TKB)
  • The goals of the SNT are to network entrepreneurial initiatives, to guide promising entrepreneurial ideas and to promote young entrepreneurs in Thurgau.
  • In addition to the offer of sponsorship, the SNT is also a forum for diverse events, such as providing impulse courses, a young entrepreneur’s discussion and a young entrepreneur’s forum.