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Three million people. Four countries – One regional brand

Today, regions stand in competition to each other in many ways. Especially with regard to attracting companies. Specialists choose those towns and cities which offer them the best perspectives for their professional and private aims. And as a holiday destination, one competes at the same time with palm beaches, mountainous regions and short city trips. Our region scores in this competition above all in its position as a holistic offer and an unmistakable brand.

As an economic location, we convince by the unique quality of life in the region. As a holiday destination, we make ourselves even more attractive with the rich cultural offer and the friendliness of the people. And as a research and education location we are unique by the close connections to innovative companies.

The many benefits of our region, however, need a common roof in order to communicate them efficiently. The regional brand combines the communicative endeavours of all participating partners. With this aim in mind, it is also the visible sign of many years of cross-border collaboration by the EU support program Interreg, the International Lake Constance Conference and other networks.

Our regional brand is the result of a participatory process, from the project International Economic Area Lake Constance, characterised by consensus and unanimity.

Four-country region around Lake Constance – Our common name

The Four-country region around Lake Constance flies the flag

The colour concept of the regional brand is a result of the simplification and mixing of the flags of the residents. The colours symbolise the colourful diversity, liveliness, and stand out particularly well against the blue of the water and the sky.

Our common focus. Our symbol

Our common focus is Lake Constance. Through graphic abstraction, we not only maintain our unique and dynamic symbol, but also a legally protected trademark.

Now you know how our brand originated. Under "Downloads" you can find the brand philosophy as a PDF to download – the philosophy of the regional brand is explained there.

In addition to the common advantages, which Lake Constance guarantees to the four countries of Germany, Switzerland, Austria and Liechtenstein, each of the nine regional authorities bordering directly on the lake has developed its own ‘look’, of which you can convince yourself with one click.

Principality of Liechtenstein

Canton Appenzell-Ausserrhoden

Canton Appenzell Innerrhoden

Canton Schaffhausen

Canton St. Gallen

Canton Thurgau

Land Vorarlberg

County Bodenseekreis

County Constance

County Lindau

County Ravensburg

County Sigmaringen

Karte VLRB Hauptstädte

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