Economics captain on the Lake

General Manager of the Business and Innovation Development Company for Ravensburg County mbH (WiR) likes sailing

I actually got to know the region as a student and as a sailor. For many years, friends and I would drive to the lake to go sailing. As a member of the Jollen Group of the student sailing community of Tübingen, I regularly rigged up 470’s, 420’s or Korsars in the big Kressbronn yacht harbour of Maichle and Mohr, also known as the excavation pit, and moved across the lake with the wind and waves. Even at that time I was enthused about this region with its great backdrop of the Alps, Allgäu and Lake Constance and it became clear to me that I would live here one day.

Years later this dream actually came true. The centre of my life was from then on in the four-country region on account of my professional work.
As General Manager of the business and innovation development Company of the county Ravensburg, it was also part of my activities, amongst other things, to promote the business area and recruit skilled employees for the region. Because here too, where one is easily tempted only to see the beautiful scenery and the holiday paradise of the four-country region around Lake Constance, there are many innovative companies which are often market or technology leaders in their particular line of business. And these companies need well qualified employees, which is one of the most important prerequisites for economic success.
Due to the demographics in the region, an increasing requirement for skilled employees has developed in the past few years in different branches of industry, which has continued to grow. Against this background, we as Business Development specialists for the county advertise - together with the German and Austrian partners in the four-country region around Lake Constance - supra-regionally as part of university contacts and/or graduate trade fairs under the motto “careers in the South” for skilled employees for the resident companies here. Parallel to this, our initiative also operates a regional job portal under the address We list on a daily basis current job offers, internships, bachelor and master theses for companies from the region for skilled employees, university graduates and young professionals as well as for apprentices, too. In addition to the national presence at university job fairs, annual student excursions are offered under the umbrella of “Careers in the South”, where future university graduates can gain an insight, i.e. savour what the company landscape here in the south of the republic is offering. On the one hand, the future engineers should be brought closer to the high technology potential of the region and, on the other hand, they can get a first-hand view of one of the most attractive regions for living and working.

Economics captain on the Lake
Hans-Joachim Hölz


Name: Hans-Joachim Hölz

Age: 50

Marital status: Married

Profession: General Manager of the Business and Innovation Development Company for Ravensburg County mbH

Has lived on Lake Constance since 2000


  • The skilled employee initiative “Careers in the South” has been running successfully for several years (2005) in the four-country region. More than 300 regional companies have presented themselves with their current job offers. Via a branch filter